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When you shop small, your supporting local brands and business owners and we appreciate you for that! Help spread the word about our brand this Holiday season by making a purchase and choosing to shop small.

  • Pink Sorbet Phone Stand

    Our interpretation of ripe raspberries on first frost. They glisten in the fields by the millions. Bright, vibrant, and colorful.

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  • It's a lifestyle

    Being EXTRAordinary is not just about being extra, living the glitz & glam lifestyle and sipping champagne for breakfast, lol. It's a mantra we live by, being extraordinary is being you, unapologetically. Its the way you operate in grace with excellence, esteeming others higher than ourselves, being willing to lend a helping hand all while showing the world what makes you special. #BeExtraordinary

  • Oceanview Phone Stand

    Have you ever seen an aerial view of the earth? The part that's right above the ocean. You're able to see the vast hues and depths of indigos, blues, and even the white waves. That's what we set out to achieve when creating this beauty.

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