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Our Story

N3 Decor

A local shop born in Chicago, IL, we took our love of crafting and creative designs to produce a line that delivers quality and celebrates bold simplicity. We aim to service those who also appreciate the art of intricate detail, personalization, and understanding of the effort and time it takes to create these items that are made to fit for any occasion.


Whitney Houston

The Owner

How N3 got started, and how it ties into our mental health initiative all started with the untimely passing of my Mom on Jan. 19, 2017. She was my best friend, mentor, and all time favorite person to be around.

Although married, with two children, had an established career at a prestigious hospital, and all the necessities anyone could ask for when she passed. I felt lost and alone. I had a newborn with colic, a 2 year old toddler, was diagnosed with anxiety, post-partum depression, and insomnia, while trying to maintain my promise to her of looking out for my Dad, on top of the grief I suffered from losing her.

I became, silent, deeply depressed and separated myself from everyone. I had no idea how to cope with things. I could not properly care for myself, my children, or my household which put 100% of the load on my Husband, who thankful never missed a beat. I wasn't able to return to work because I spent so much time at the same hospital with my Mom through her illness, that I associated it with a place of hurt, and in avoidance couldn't be cleared to return after maternity leave due to medical issues and adjustment disorder.

I had no idea how to live on, with so many unanswered questions, and emotions, I turned my back to God out of anguish. Faith was one thing my Mom taught me to believe so deeply in, and now it was the very thing I questioned.

I eventually started getting professional help and in true divine order, was invited to hear my childhood friend minister which rekindled my faith at a "weekend to remember" in Frankfort, Kentucky. Crafting was something my Mom started with my sister and I as children. My Dad, played a significant role, He would take us on weekly trips to Michael's and at that time Franks craft store to purchase crafting supplies in order to craft things to sale. I guess that's where our entrepreneurial spirits started, lol. Even while hospitalized my Mom was helping me design decor for my upcoming baby shower.

Long story short, I gave birth to my 3rd and final child in 2018. Losing her birthed the beginning of N3 (N3 was chosen because of Nylah, Noel, and Nolan) Decor in December 2018. It allows me to channel my emotions in a creative and profitable manner. It reminds me of her, and the fact that great products are being handcrafted and produced from a place of love. Now it’s my job to reach back and help others who may be dealing with similar situations. Which is why I’ve started a mental health awareness initiative. Using my brand coupled with the vision and strategy God has given me to bring inspiration to all, and a uniqueness to my business. Pulling from trying experiences, that I've overcome to help other entrepreneurs grow, so that they can take what they've learn and apply it to their own thriving lives. Together we can #stopthestigma.